The 5 Animals of Shaolin

The Leopard is known for its power and its ability to strike with crushing blows.  From the Leopard we learn speed and agility.  It is also noted that the Leopard is admired for its leaping, sudden changes of movement and angular striking pattern.

The Tiger is known for its ferocity and aggressive fighting style (as well as its "in-fighting" style where it can use its low center of gravity and body weight for attacking purposes).  From the Tiger we learn strength and determination.  It is also noted that the Tiger does not hesitate with its movements and that it strikes with clawing motions.

The Snake is known for its precision, flexibility and rhythmic endurance.  From the Snake we learn tranquility and inner vitality.  It is also noted that the Snake is very accurate in its attacks and that it can wrap its attacker's strikes.

The Crane is known for its balance, poise and its ability to grip the ground.  From the Crane we learn concentration, stability and accuracy.  It is also noted that the Crane is very aware of its surroundings and is effective in its deflections of a attacker's strikes.

The Dragon is known for its wisdom and spinning movements.  The Dragon is a mystical animal in which we learn unconquerable spirit.  It is also noted that the Dragon can change into any of the 5 Animals at any given time.

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